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See How SMS Texting Works

Try It Out and See How SMS Can Work for You! Simply Text:
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Car Dealer Text SMS Marketing



What is the Text SMS Car Dealer Program?


Text SMS Marketing’s Car Dealer program is designed to provide dealerships with more sales opportunities through the capture of buyers’ cell phone numbers.


Most dealerships don’t display pricing for their used car inventory.  Why is that?  Primarily, in order to get a salesperson involved in the sales cycle.  With our Car Dealer program, you can now capture the cell phone numbers of the shoppers that have an interest in your vehicles, but are reluctant to bring a salesperson into the process.




How does it work?


With SMS, you can place a sticker on the vehicle with a directive that states something like, “for pricing text CAR12345 to 48510.  The “CAR12345” can be any vehicle ID / stock number that you choose to identify that particular car.  Once someone sends their text to get pricing, you will now have their cell phone number for future follow up. can choose to immediately have a text message sent to a sales team member, with the cell phone number of the person that just asked for pricing, along with the vehicle ID.  That sales person can now go outside and start the sales cycle directly with the consumer.


For new cars, that have window stickers, instead of pricing information, you may choose to provide safety ratings, or the price range for a model that’s being looked at; ANYTHING that is of interest to a prospective buyer, and prompts them to text in.  You’ll now have another prospect, with a number to call.


How else can Text SMS be used in a dealership environment? 


You can acquire additional keywords for the service department.  Get people to text in with that keyword by offering something, like half-price oil change on their next visit.  You now have their cell number, to which you can send any alerts to new service specials, seasonal offers...etc.


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Capture the phone numbers of your shoppers
Increase salesman face-to-face time
Advertise new dealership promotions
Advertise / promote service offerings
Increase overall car sales, and service revenues